Process R&D

Process R&D

Sino Chemsource Ltd, can assist you in optimising your process and help maximise the value of your project.

With dedicated and talented R&D teams on hand, we are able to support scale-up of compounds and design a personalized process for you.

We are targeted to transform the initial lab synthesis into a robust process that allows large-scale manufacturing of organic intermediates or drug substances in a safe, efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible manner.


Risk analysis is carried out for each individual step in a process  before manufacturing commences, to minimise all HSE risks before scale up.


Through open dialogue with our suppliers and customers, we are able to communicate Innovative alternatives and improved route choice, often for challenging projects that have been outsourced from international big-Pharma.

By utilising innovative synthetic designs, and key technology including flow chemistry and biocatalysts, we can often deliver what seems impossible from the initial tech. package provided by our customers.


We can also provide analytical chemistry development to guarantee control of quality, purity, and identification and quantitative determination of impurities.

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