Oil Refinery

Oil Field Tracer Chemicals

Sino Chemsource Ltd, is a specialist in the production and supply of a wide range of tracer chemicals used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR).


With over 25 years experience, we understand the strict demands required to support this market.


Our product ranges include:

  1. Benzoic acids / water soluble tracers (> 40 types)
  2. Oil soluble tracers (> 30 types)
  3. Partitioning tracers & Gas tracers


Our benzoic acids are available as free acids, solid sodium salts or as sodium salts in solutions.


Many of our materials are available from stock in 100’s to 1000’s kilo’s.


We are able to produce your required tracer product to exact specifications, and control, isomers, inorganic impurities and water content. This means that you can be assured of the exact “active” content of material injected and have confidence in the resulting calculations generated.


All our tracer chemicals are provided with a full CofA’s measured against your required specification.


For more information on our EOR chemicals please contact